Dave & Kathleen DiCesaris

Raised by professional opera singers, Kathleen well remembers a childhood of spirited family gatherings filled with food, wine, song, and love. Though wine was always part of her life, her experience in the early 90’s as a wine educator at Freemark Abbey Winery introduced her to some of Napa Valley’s most iconic, yet humble, growers, vintners and winemakers. Today, Kathleen’s uncompromising attention to detail and artisan approach to her work as a designer and proprietor is undoubtedly drawn from her Napa Valley roots.

During an impromptu day trip to Napa Valley, Dave followed the advice he came across in a randomly purchased guidebook and visited Freemark Abbey Winery. It was there that he met his soon to be wife and partner, Kathleen, who introduced him to the basics of viticulture and the concept of vineyard-designated wines. This introduction to the importance of site and mesoclimate ignited his passion to produce single vineyard, single varietal Napa Valley cabernets.

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