There's something truly mystical about this land – especially when you consider how the land found us.

Located within the coveted Howell Mountain AVA, Castiel Estate is a viticulturally significant 88-acre landscape of remarkable beauty, serenity and diversity. Stunning vistas, pristine seasonal and year-round watercourses, native springs and mature forest habitat coexist with arid desert scrub, arroyos, natural caves and the Majestic Aldo’s Apex. One walk along Castiel Estate’s rustic pathways brings to mind the spiritual influence of nature’s beauty.

As pragmatic as it is inspirational, the land’s potential to grow world-class cabernet grapes is undeniable. Soils of organic matter, volcanic tuff and gravelly loam combine with optimal exposure, textbook drainage and favorable mesoclimates to create an ideal growing environment. With one of Napa Valley’s most sought after viticulturists at the helm, Castiel Estate will undoubtedly produce fruit perfectly reflective of this astonishing site.

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